Chicago's Salmon Fishing Season

Chicago’s Salmon Fishing Season

With Thanksgiving and Christmas quickly approaching can only mean one thing, Chicago’s Salmon fishing season has come to a close for most charter boats like Brush and Roll Charters.

Many captains during the off season are fishing all over the world. They fish hard and tune their skills to bring back to Chicago for you to enjoy a true offshore fishing experience. This experience is like no other and what makes Chicago a world class fishery.

Chicago’s charter fishing season is from early April through early November if weather allows. Chicago’s fishing charters target a wide range of species including Lake Trout, Coho Salmon, Chinook Salmon, Brown Trout, and fast action Steelhead.

Most captains, like Captain Joel Reiser has already taken deposits for the 2014 Coho Salmon Season. Coho Salmon early in the season is some of the best tasting fish out of Lake Michigan. The young tender meat is orange in color and makes for a great presentation on your dining room table.

Early catches of Coho Salmon can be quick limits. These fish are feisty, hungry, and ready to give you an experience of a lifetime.

If cooler spring weather is not what you enjoy, June into July can have great catches of Lake Trout and Chinook Salmon. Many fishermen in Chicago have their Lake Trout smoked. Smoked Lake Trout makes great dip for your favorite cracker especially around the holidays.

So this Christmas, think of all the fun you can have on a fishing charter within city limits of Chicago. Most fishing charters will bag your catch to later freeze and enjoy throughout the year.

Most Chicago fishing charters also offer gift certificates. Charter fishing gift certificates make great Christmas gifts for young and old. Fishing is no longer for men as many women now reserve fishing charters for private parties. So while you are sitting at the Thanksgiving table or decorating your holiday tree, Chicago’s fishing season will only be four months away.